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Turn Your Device into a Brilliant Feat: An Ingenious Companion for Achieving Greatness

Thanks to neuro-morphing, your processor will transform into an intelligent companion, enhancing your device's capabilities.
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Embrace the opportunity to be a pioneer


You can download our Microsoft document below, which addresses all security concerns.


Is FEAT7 overclocking my hardware?

Not even close. FEAT7 AI works hard to overhaul the very principles of your device’s work process. Conventional overclocking has proven itself to be harmful to devices in the long run, therefore the unique approach that FEAT7 AI uses breaks the conventional laws of operational computing and takes your device’s processing power to the next level.

Is FEAT7 safe?

Let’s put it this way: FEAT7 Technology along with FEAT7 AI, have been rigorously tested on hundreds of devices, and has proven to not only refrain from harming your device, but quite contrary; protect it’s longevity overall: Due to the unique approach of FEAT7 AI, your device’s components - namely CPU, RAM, SSD as well as Graphics Card are subjected to much less stress thermodynamically and physically, therefore making FEAT7 immensely efficient in making your device last even longer than intended.

Is my data safe with FEAT7?

FEAT7 AI works hard to optimize the living heck our of your device’s performance and processing, and while the process is thorough and immensely efficient, FEAT7 doesn’t have access to your personal data, files, or anything else for that matter. The entire process is done within kernel and processor transistor depths, far from the conventional User data and personal files, so rest assured, your data is as safe as can be, with FEAT7.

What does FEAT7 provide in terms of processing and computing power for my device?

FEAT7 AI completely overhauls the way your device approaches the very computing process. Your system will be optimized “to the gills” to provide you with processing power far surpassing the base settings of your device, allowing you to enjoy Games, Software and everything else that you couldn’t even dream of playing, rendering and creating on your device without FEAT7 AI.

What is FEAT7?

FEAT7 (Force Energy Autonomous Tier) is a specific firmware work principle made possible through advanced AI, which completely reforms electric energy balance on any given device, allowing for CPU to process SHA files which results in billiions(!) of data units processed every given millisecond.

Does FEAT7 require internet to work?

Active internet connection isn’t required to maintain FEAT7 prowess.

After installing FEAT7, my system has become more powerful and seamless, but gaming performance hasn't noticeably improved.

Several things may cause such mishaps. Mainly, ensure that all your drivers, graphics drivers and Windows updates are in tone and try again by restarting the system.

Is the application free?

Yes, the application is free as it's currently in open beta testing. Renaissance Digital Ltd reserves the right to close or extend the test at any time.